The Giants Geneva October 3rd, 2021

Starting time: 10:00 Quai de Cologny Genève Plage
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Arrival : Quai Gustave Ador
Time limit : 2 hours
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The Giants Geneva is the Swiss run for all running aficionados, in a wonderful setting: Geneva
The course
  • Start on quai de Cologny, in front of Genève Plage
  • Straight onto quai Gustave-Ador
  • Left-turn on rue des Eaux-Vives
  • Right-turn on rue du 31 décembre
  • Left-turn on quai Gustave-Ador
  • Merge onto rue Pierre-Fatio
  • Left-turn on rue François-Versonnex
  • Straight on until avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont and right-turn on avenue de Frontenex to reach place des Eaux-Vives 
  • Cross the place des Eaux-Vives Take the rue du Rhône towards place de Bel-Air
  • On place du Rhône, right-turn onto the pont des Bergues
  • After crossing the Rhône, right-turn on quai des Bergues
  • At the junction of the pont du Mont-Blanc, left-turn on rue du Mont-Blanc
  • Right-turn on rue Ami-Lévrier
  • Continue on rue des Pâquis and turn right on rue Jean-Antoine-Gautier
  • Merge onto quai Wilson
  • Keep straight on quai Wilson/avenue de France and turn right on rue de Lausanne
  • Left-turn on chemin des Mines
  • At the end of chemin des Mines, turn right on avenue de la Paix
  • Right-turn in front of the World Trade Organisation on rue de Lausanne 
  •  Keep straight on rue de Lausanne and turn left on avenue de France 
  •  Keep straight until pont du Mont-Blanc
  • Left-turn on pont du Mont-Blanc
  • At the end of pont du Mont-Blanc, merge onto quai Général-Guisan
  • Left-turn on quai Gustave-Ado
  •  Cross the finish line in front of the Boat Club
  • Positive elevation: 50 m
  • Negative elevation: 50 m
  • Maximum elevation level: 8,5%, -8,8%
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There are two refreshment stations along the course: one located at the 5K mark (water only) and the other after the finish line (water and fruits)

Online registration is open

But you can pre-register to be the first on the starting line.

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