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Unique among Europe’s cities!

With its exceptional setting on the shores of Switzerland’s largest lake and at the foot of Europe’s highest mountain - Mont-Blanc - Geneva is unique among its kind. The city treasures its quality of life and proudly exhibits its giant water fountain, the “Jet d’eau”.
The birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking industry is a paradise for luxury shopping and offers its visitors first-class services and accommodation.
World-renowned as the Capital of Peace, Geneva’s small-town cosiness combined with its international vocation always surprises. Moving around is easy in this metropolis steeped in history. Visitors carry away unforgettable memories and the desire to return, again and again.

Geneva Lake
The Jet d’Eau – which wasn’t intended to be one

Reaching 140 metres in height, the Jet d'Eau has over time become a real emblem of Geneva. The beautiful tale of the famous Jet d'Eau of Geneva is almost the result of coincidence. In 1886, the hydraulic plant which distributed the driving force of the Rhône to the craftsmen and watchmakers of Geneva was obligated to create an open evacuation of the water in overpressure, when the workshops closed at night. The place sparked such enthusiasm and excitement that the Jet d'Eau was born.

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Geneva, birthplace of watchmaking

It was in the 16th century that the first names of Swiss watchmakers emerged and Geneva became the birthplace of watchmaking. At the time, following John Calvin’s reform, Genevans had to follow a dress code and dress as simply as possible. But refusing to take off all adornments, the people of Geneva decided to buy watches and, to meet the demand, jewellers retrained as watchmakers. So this is how the Genevan artisan watchmaker was born. A mix of tradition and precision, Geneva is today the symbol of fine watchmaking.

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Palais des Nations - International Geneva

A feeling of peace and freedom can be sensed in Geneva, every year this landmark of the international scene hosts a large number of meetings at the summit. Built between 1929 and 1936, the Palais des Nations is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and is, after New York, the largest centre of the United Nations. More than 25,000 delegates are welcomed here each year and many works of art are on display. Furthermore, the Palais des Nations opens its doors daily for exciting guided tours! 

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